We’re really good at some very important things that most people are just not. 

Listening deeply, connecting dots that others can’t even see, showing you your blind spots, and helping you arrive at your own life-changing insights. 

Here’s the thing, you’re already successful, you have all the strategy, and you don’t actually need someone else telling you what to do. 

Once you reach this level, the missing piece is *not* what’s outside of you - it’s what’s inside  that you’re afraid to trust, afraid to tap into, and afraid to prioritize (but deep down secretly know holds the keep to your happiness and fulfillment).

Because who in your life helps you do that

Feel free to grab a coffee, this might take a while...

The Proof is in Our Glittering Reviews

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I appreciate your mindset and method to approaching our sessions. I actually admire it really. I believe that the way you think and address problems is so pivotal in the work you do. We are all fragile and have areas that we don’t want to talk about our publicly admit... 

Agnes C,
Nurse leader

In our sessions you are very strategic in how you approach rising issues or even really good at celebrating my wins before I can recognize it as one which is contagious!

Agnes C,
Nurse leader


straight from our clients


“Before the sessions, I felt unsure and overwhelmed by my own expectations. During the sessions, I began to feel more grounded and empowered as Stacy guided me to trust myself and listen to my body. By the end, I felt significantly more confident and assured in my own abilities.

During the sessions, I felt supported and encouraged. Stacy's method of empowering me to discover my own solutions was incredibly enlightening and helped me connect deeply with my own inner wisdom. By the end of our sessions, I felt profoundly transformed and empowered. The feeling of being overwhelmed and uncertain had significantly diminished. Instead, I felt a strong sense of self-assurance and trust in my own intuition, especially in business matters. I felt liberated from the constraints of my perfectionism and more confident in embracing my authentic self, without feeling pressured to conform to external expectations.

As a result of our sessions, I've learned to trust myself and my business decisions more. I've recognized that I know what I am doing in business, and I feel more empowered to be myself, rather than following what is expected of me. If you’re looking for a coach who will help them empower themselves and find their own answers, Stacy is the right choice. Her approach to coaching provides not just temporary solutions but lasting personal growth and self-trust.”

April W

“Sara was the first coach I had ever worked with. I was not exactly sure what to expect or bring to the table, but she made me very comfortable. She was wonderful to work with and put me at ease in each of our sessions. She comes fully present to each session, and I could tell she really cared about what I had to say and getting to know the real me.”

Jessica J

“You’re very good at inquiring and pushing the envelope on the areas where I need a nudge or awakening. You are very attentive to me and I feel like each session is a unique experience of discovery. You don’t try to control the conversation but you let me talk and use what I’ve told you to guide me to acknowledge or consider some form of perspective based on what I expressed.”

Agnes C.

“Working with Sara has been wonderful in taking my big ideas and creating smaller daily goals/ action steps and celebrating the small wins along the way. Sara does a great job in holding space when needed, brings a lot of creativity and positive feedback and overall has been very helpful in bringing me more clarity. I would highly recommend Sara to anyone looking to transformation in any area of their life. She is a joy to work with.” 

Laura B

“Getting clear allowed me to clearly see what steps needed to be made next. Identifying limiting beliefs but also where I was unable to trust myself was a huge eye opener for me.”

Lindsey W.

“During the sessions, I felt like I was finally able to talk to someone who "gets" it.”

Dora L

“You take an individualized approach and really listen and give personalized feedback instead of one size fits all.”

Ariana R. 

“Venturing into coaching, I carried with me a bundle of nerves and uncertainties, particularly around my deep-seated fear of failure and the challenges that lay ahead. However, what I found in these sessions was an oasis of support, understanding, and transformative guidance.”

From the outset, the coaching space was both welcoming and invigorating, allowing us to dive deep into the core of my anxieties and aspirations. Together, we explored the intricate layers of my fear of failure, a journey that was both enlightening and liberating. Through her insightful coaching, I learned to not only confront these fears but to understand and embrace them as stepping stones towards growth.”

One of the most valuable lessons I gleaned from our sessions was the importance of celebrating all wins, both big and small. This mindset shift has been nothing short of revolutionary for me, turning every challenge I've overcome into a victory dance, and every small step forward into a cause for celebration. It's a testament to the power of positive reinforcement and the strength we can draw from our own journeys.”

Leaving the sessions, I felt an overwhelming sense of clarity and support. It was as if a fog had lifted, revealing a path forward that was both exciting and attainable. I emerged from the experience not just hopeful but equipped with the tools and mindset to heal, grow, and thrive.”

Amanda P.

“Favorite new insights and learnings - Time-management schedules, sleep schedules, and learning to be kinder to myself overall. I think it says a lot about growth to really be able to see myself in a positive way. Sara really emphasized that. I can be hard on myself, but it is so healthy to not be so critical of every little thing.”

Alex H

“I have been burned out for a couple years and really felt hopeless. As a result of my sessions, I was able to shift a lot of my thoughts and mindset to look at things differently. I’m not even kidding when I say this. I actually did this!”

Morgan M.

“Even when I felt lost and discouraged with my current health issues, Sara was easy to talk to. She's an excellent listener, she made me feel really heard. She taught me to look for wins in my life instead of focusing on the negatives. Sara's insightful guidance has been invaluable to me and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to better themselves and just needs some guidance and push in the right direction.”

Hannah W

“Working with Stacy was a breath of fresh air for me! She's a great listener and created a safe and judgment-free space that made it easy for me to be transparent. With her calming and welcoming tone, she asked me powerful questions and helped me gain new insights and come to some amazing new realizations about my future and what I want to achieve. Honestly, I can't recommend Stacy highly enough. If you're ready to take the leap and work on improving any area of your wellbeing, she's the coach you want in your corner!”

Bridget M

“The tailored, personal experience. You meet your client on their level!”

Sarah Y

“I feel more focused on what I want and how I want to get there. I feel empowered to create the life and want to live.”

Dora L

“Your presence was calming, you weren’t forceful in your approach. You were genuine and present and that was huge for me. I didn’t feel pressured and honestly it was like I was having a coffee chat with a friend while exploring new perspectives about myself.”

Bridget C

“I felt relaxed to speak my thoughts, like you truly cared & yet not judged. I appreciate your knowledge. You gave me insight into why I do the things I do & how I can be mindful, positive, & confident!” 

Andrea A.

“Before: Excited to be heard. During: heard, seen, respected, validated. After: hopeful and understood.”

Rachel H.

“Stacy is genuinely curious and compassionate in helping you dissolve your roadblocks, limiting beliefs, and helping you navigate your aligned journey to achieve success in whatever way that manifests for you.” 

Bridget C

“I felt like I did a major brain dump and I felt like I could finally act on things that I had been thinking.”

Amber C

“I could tell she really cared about what I had to say and getting to know the real me. She asked powerful questions that pulled me out of my own head, to get to the root of why I was doing the things I was. One of my biggest accomplishments in my time with her is that my level of self-confidence has risen, and I was able to explore fears and hesitations on various topics. This led to greater clarity in my life.”

Jessica J.

“The coaching session I had with Sara was my first time ever getting on a call with a coach, so I had NO idea what to expect. And by the end, you felt like a trusted friend that could help me see a new perspective to my current situation.”

Bridget M

“I loved walking away from each session with so many ideas- energized and ready to create. When I started working with you, I was in a creative slump- I think just from being in a constant state of learning and doing. I appreciated having someone to bounce ideas off of and brainstorm with.”

Julia L. 

“I was amazed at "mindfulness", which helped in so many areas I was dealing with. I learned to really slow down & take time for myself. I could see the things you recommend to build my confidence. ( & will be a work in progress.)”

Andrea A. 

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