about Well and Whole

Waking up every day with energy and inspiration. Feeling in control of your time. Living with an abundant and expansive mindset. Finally believing you’re truly enough and trusting yourself. Embodying your whole, authentic self. That to us is living the dream…

meet the founders, Sara and stacy

Stacy’s in Paris, married to the man of her dreams and living the expat life. Sara is the coolest solo travel girl, plant mom, and an artist - currently following a personal passion project of bookbinding. 

But it wasn’t always like this! Not long ago, feeling impossibly stuck in our decade-long relationship with a highly profitable but stressful job, and mistakenly believed our worth was related to a hierarchy and a salary. 

Through coaching, we were able to create completely new relationships with ourselves, our thoughts, and our entire reality - time and energy included. We shifted our mindsets completely. We completed a top notch training program and got the only coaching certification that exists for licensed professionals, the NC-BC. Yes, we are also proud nurses, with extensive training in coaching and holistic wellness.

Twins, business partners, and besties since before we were born, we now run an international company and live on two different sides of the Atlantic!

about our clients

From c-suite leaders to visionary entrepreneurs and sought-after healthcare practitioners, our clients are highly successful, highly motivated, and highly determined to live a life they love. They have already achieved a lot, and they truly believe that their inner work creates their outer results. They know that all the success in the world means nothing if you’re unwell, unfulfilled, and totally exhausted. 

They know that what got them this far in life used to feel normal, but it came at a cost - the patterns of high stress, perfectionism, and performance pressure. Postponing their joy, placing all their trust in the experts, and craving validation from others. 

Now? Our clients know their most important metrics are their expansive mindsets, their ability to be in tune with their body’s signals and trust themselves, and confidently regulate their emotions. Our favorite client metrics? How many weeks of vacation they take!


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Paris and Cleveland

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Not texting back

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Jeni’s ice cream, no guilt about it

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any travel, ever

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Coming up with everyone’s million-dollar business idea

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Our kombucha sprtiz
(it's so good!)

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Cinderella (with Lily James)

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New Zealand, Hawaii, Bali, Singapore, Tulum...